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Valmennus, harjoitusohjelmat, pikaluistimet, retkiluistimet, klinikat, työpajat, teroitus, boot campit, luennot, valmentajien koulutukset ja paljon muuta. Katso alla.


Me tahdomme auttaa sinua luistelemaan paremmin. Meidän 'paremmin':

  • luistella (enemmän) nautinnolla

  • luistella nopeammin

  • luistella tehokkaammin

  • luistella pidempää tai kauemmas

  • luistella turvallisempaa

  • luistella itseluottamuksella

SkateXperience auttaa luistelijoita (tai pyrkiviä luistelijoita) kaiken ikäisiä ja taitotasoja nopeudesta tai kokemuksesta riippumatta.

Kun puhumme luistelua, tarkoitamme kaikenlaista luistelua. Aiempina vuosina SkateXperience on ollut valmennusta, koulutusta, auttamista, ohjaamista tai inspirointia:

  • pikaluistelijoille

  • jääkiekkolijoille

  • rullaluistelijoille

  • roller derby - pelaajille

  • retkiluistelijoille ja retkivetäjille

  • luistelutaitoryhmille, 3-vuotiasta senioreihin



Myydään huolellisesti valitut luistimet ja tarvikkeet.

Suurin osa tuotteista tilataan asiakkaan pyynnöstä, koska yritämme löytää täydellisen luistimen tai lisävarusteen jokaiselle asiakkaalle.

SkateXperiencen tuotemerkkejä:


Original manufacturer of EVO and Bont, now becomes EHS. Former top skaters creating the best in the world for short track and long track. Long track speed skates for the recreational and competitive skater and young speed skaters. Amazing price-value. The best sharpening jigs in the world.


The SmartBags Ice! The goal was to develop a bag for both the recreational and the competitive speed skater. The skates are stored inside the bag, safe and tidy, thanks to the cut-resistant neoprene skate compartments on both sides. The drying cloth is connected directly to the bag using a clip and has its own compartment. The bag features firm grips and handles for the backpack mode. The elastic bands for skate guards and the helmet net come in handy too: Plenty of space left for clothing!

Zandstra Sport
Zandstra Sport

Over 90 years active on the skating market. In developing new skates and accessories, safety and comfort are among the main aspects for Zandstra. Their philosophy is to make the hours skaters spend on the ice as pleasant as possible. ​ For who: recreational speed skaters and children, beginner to advanced tour skaters. Qualitative sharpening equipment.

MenM ice-skate
MenM ice-skate

Dutch owned company, which re-invented the basic tour skate. Using specific long track speed skating knowledge, this company brought the 'old' tour skate into the 21st century. For who: beginner and advanced tour skaters looking for top quality skates. SkateXperience has various models available for testing at the Oulunkylä ice track in Helsinki. Email us and we'll make it happen!


First Maple, then EVO, now Skate-Tec. Literally: good, better best! 45 years of quality skating equipment for long track and short track speed skating. For pro's and advanced beginners.

Nice Sports
Nice Sports

The fastest affordable rubber speed skating suit on the market! Custom skating suits, jackets, pants and other accessories. Also non-custom models of rubber and lycra skating suits. ​ For who: speed skaters of all levels, looking for specific speed skating clothing made by experts from inside the sport.


Teroitus ja teroituspajat

Manual, classic sharpening of speed skates and tour skates. SkateXperience always uses the most suitable jig and stones for the specific pair of skates to sharpen. On average and depending on the condition of the blades, one pair takes between 20 and 40 minutes to sharpen.

Also available: Sharpening clinics! For yourself, a friend or your club. Learn everything about the equipment and methods for sharpening. For speed skating and tour skating.

Need sharpening? Send Carolien a message via the contact form, a text message or make a quick phone call. You can meet Carolien at the ice rink of Oulunkylä or at their home address.

Sharpening tour skates or speed skates: 15 €

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