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ABOUT skatexperience

To be able to skate well is nice. But to skate better, is great! Specific training, refined technique, matching equipment and strong motivation will help you to skate better. We make you skate better. Our definition of better:

  • skate with (more) enjoyment​

  • skate faster

  • skate more effective

  • skate longer or further

  • skate safer

  • skate with confidence

SkateXperience helps skaters (or aspiring skaters) of all ages and skill levels, regardless of speed or experience.

skatexperience and multiskate

When we talk about skating, we mean any kind of skating. In previous years SkateXperience has been coaching, training, helping, instructing or inspiring:


  • speed skaters

  • ice hockey players

  • inline skaters

  • roller derby players

  • tour skaters and tour skating guides

  • skating skills groups, from 3 years old up to seniors

Don't settle for good. Go for great!

Carolien Hunneman

The driving force behind SkateXperience is Carolien Hunneman, Physical Education teacher, speed skating trainer/coach, former professional marathon speed skater and multi-skate enthusiast.


A small selection of the organisations Carolien has worked for:

Helsingin Luistinkiitäjät, Suomen Luisteluliitto, the International Skating Union, Helsingin Luisteluakatemia.

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